Addison Mason Builders  

About AM Builders

Addison Mason Builders formed in 2000 when Marc Addison Plauche and Preston (Skip) Mason began working together building Marc’s new home in Tamworth. They were a successful team from the very beginning because of similar family values, work ethics, and ability to lead others in a positive fashion. Marc had relocated from Marblehead, Massachusetts where he learned his trade working on restoring and remodeling 200+ year old homes. He also brought with him knowledge of light commercial building practices. Marc’s experience in the field is now approaching 30 years.

Skip, who is from Conway and has a strong framing background as well as formal education in building construction, has over 25 years experience on many diverse projects. Since the partners formed Addison Mason Builders in 2000, the company has completed a wide variety of projects from Jackson to Alton and Western Maine towns to West of Laconia. AM Builders has a good geographic location too truly serve the Mount Washington Valley and the Lakes Region of NH.

Mission Statement

Our goal at AM Builders is to provide our customer with unmatched service, timely response, timely starts and completions using quality products installed in a professional and safe manner.

  • Provide value to our customer by offering a competitive price and providing quality workmanship.

  • Service all customers with same level of standards that we set, no matter the dollar value of the particular project.

  • Create a positive and safe environment for our dedicated and knowledgeable employee’s. To offer advancement, a competitive wage & resources to our hard working and committed employee’s.

  • Build using energy and material conserving practices. Learn and apply the newer technologies available to reduce energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint left on our society.

  • To support our community’s as we grow and prosper.

What We Do

Addison Mason Builders is a full-service contracting company serving the Mount Washington Valley and Lakes Region. We can help take your project from conception to completion in a seamless fashion. From assisting in choosing a building site, design, permitting, land development, construction and finish landscaping, we can provide it all. We offer in-house design and plans for most jobs. We also work closely with several area architects. We also will work as a subcontractor on many projects if the homeowner or architect is the General Contractor.

We can offer the home or land owner with property on a lake or river guidance with our knowledge of the laws and regulations that are covered in the new Comprehensive Shoreline Protection Act which was passed in 2008. We will help you understand the new rules and regulations and how they pertain to your specific goals that are involved in your project. We will work hard to best achieve your original goals and still meet the criteria that are involved with NH DES CSPA. We can guide you in the right direction to secure permits or we can take care of the application and permitting process for you.

Pricing and Payment

For most projects that we do, a price quotation is given and work will be performed for that amount. We generally request that a deposit of not more than one third of job cost be given in advance or at start date and balance due after the job has been completed.

  • For larger or more complex custom projects, a “cost plus” fee structure is used where the payment will be the actual cost plus a fee for managing the project.

  • For customers with particular needs a “time and material” payment fee structure might be best. An hourly rate is given for our employee’s and subcontractors. A percentage is added to the cost of our materials and a subcontractor management fee is in place.

  • No matter which payment structure is used for your particular project, we guarantee that you will receive a competitive price from AM Builders for quality workmanship and reliable materials.